A neighbor saves the life of an abandoned dog by feeding him through a window

For many, saving a dog or other animal in distress is a matter that concerns only firefighters, organizations, or independent animists. But what people should understand is that: when it comes to saving a life, all that is needed is the will.

This puppy’s story reveals that you don’t have to be a millionaire or have a superhero position or cape to do good.

In Guangzhou (China), a rather reckless and negligent family decided to leave their dog locked alone in an apartment, with nothing to eat.

The people decided to travel and the puppy was left with the intention of taking care of the house, but the furry one’s life was in danger.

The dog’s name is Zai Zai and he was very frightened by the situation.

A neighbor named Xu heard the hungry puppy’s pleas and decided to help him. It had been three days since Golden had been in the apartment alone. 

They are living beings, not an alarm system.

The first time Ms. Xu saw him on the window ledge of her residence, she thought everything was fine, there was nothing strange about the scene, but days later the puppy kept calling for help from the apartment next door.

The Samaritan woman decided to help him.

Because of the gap between one window and the other, the woman had the idea to carry food to the puppy with the help of a broomstick, and so she did. Xu tied up some sausages and then a bottle of water for the furry dog to quench its thirst.

At that moment the animal ate desperately, it had not been fed for days.

To hydrate him effectively, Xu made an opening in the plastic bottle to serve as a drinking fountain for the dog.

The woman’s ingenuity is admirable, but no more so than her good heart. Xu continued to feed her neighbors’ puppy for six more days until she was able to discover the whereabouts of the “exemplary owners”.

This routine was repeated for a week.

Due to fate, the building management was able to communicate with the dog’s family and they raised the situation. The dog was suffering and his owners gave permission to open the apartment and rescue him.

That was the least these people could do to make up for the gross negligence they had committed against the puppy.

The little friend came out of his ordeal unscathed.

After releasing him, the dog was transferred to a shelter where they took care of him and gave him the necessary cuddles to erase those bitter days from his mind.

But what the puppy won’t be able to forget is the help that the neighbor gave him.

If it weren’t for Mrs. Xu, the hairy man would have a worse fate. This woman fed him diligently during those days of confinement and also made sure to raise her voice for him and find a way to get him out of that place. 

Due to the pandemic, many pets have experienced this dangerous situation: their owners go away and leave them alone locked up at home, without thinking about the consequences.

Fortunately, Xu saved Zai Zai from a cruel fate, and therefore his example should be multiplied. This lady is not an active animalist, but her big heart did not allow her to keep her hands tied in the face of the suffering of the puppy who was asking for help from the window.

Situations like these can occur on a daily basis and it’s our duty to defend and guarantee the rights of so many defenseless animals.

Source: Zoorprendente


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