A man who almost died, now dedicates his life to rescuing abandoned animals in dumps

Miguel Angel Condori’s life changed forever after a terrible accident that left him on the verge of death and after recovering he now knows his purpose in life. The new work of this Bolivian is saving and transforming forever the reality of dozens of hairy people.

This is the face of a real hero without a cape.

Miguel spent six months in a coma due to an accident that also left him with a serious injury, but this marked the path of his new life. Now he dedicates his body and soul to the rescue of the most defenseless, the puppies and kittens that nobody wants, since they also went to the garbage dump in Bolivia because of their unscrupulous owners.

Condori is 41 years old and works in a cleaning company in the city of La Paz; therefore, the contact with landfills is not strange for him, much less the reality of the creatures that remain in these places.

Since his new life mission began, Miguel has rescued at least 18 dogs and 5 cats that are currently under his care in his humble home. Their home is not very big, but their motivation and all desire to move forward is.

“You don’t know what comes to life, they say, so I think maybe my goal is to take care of God’s creation,” says Miguel.

One of the kittens rescued by Miguel.

Before falling into a coma, this man led a routine life, dedicated to work and weekends with his friends, but after the accident and receiving the rejection of his wife, who refused to take care of him, Miguel understood the suffering of other creatures .

“After I came out of the coma, I spent half a year in a vegetative state at home, my wife didn’t want to take care of me, she told me ‘go with your parents, I won’t be able to take care of you’ and that’s why we separated,” Miguel revealed.

Toby, Camila and Perla are just some of Miguel’s adopted puppies.

Those hairy ones, like some others, were lucky enough to find this municipal worker. But now it is not only cats and dogs that appreciate Miguel’s kindness, the birds are also well received in his home and dozens of pigeons visit him daily to feed themselves.

Miguel spreads corn grains on the ground for the birds to eat.

Although he presents difficulties after walking after the accident, this does not prevent Miguel from going out daily to walk with his pets. For him, this is the best time of day, although the most exhausting, as he must make several rounds to please everyone.

Miguel to walk with one of his rescued hairs.

Regardless of his condition, Miguel is unwilling to give up his new life mechanism and feels indignant about all the evil they sometimes cause him.

“What saddens me is that they put them in bags, on their paws, with their snouts closed, so that no one knows there is a cub there. People are terrible,” he said.

So far, the most moving case Miguel has dealt with is that of Milagros, a black dog she rescued after being crushed by a garbage truck. The fame this man has made in his city has aroused the solidarity of some neighbors who make some donations to continue his mission.

Positive things can arise from the worst tragedies and that is exactly what a nobleman has done.

Share his story and send him the recognition and support he deserves.

Source: Zoorprendente


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