Police free child screaming from a hot car while mother was at a festival

No living being should be left inside a hot car in the summer, even if only for a few moments. This is unthinkable, especially when there are already so many warnings about the dangers of this practice. Unfortunately, some people continue to ignore the alerts, just like the irresponsible mother we are going to talk about today.

Mother leaves child in a hot car

A 2-year-old child from Rheda Wiedenbrück, Germany, was freed by police after nearly 30 minutes crying in a burning car. And where was the mother? At a summer festival with a friend.


It all happened late on Monday night. The boy was released from the overheated car after a passerby called the police. The desperate, sweaty child screamed and cried in the car.

According to the University of Georgia, a car can heat up to 54 °C in just 30 minutes if the outside temperature is between 33 and 40 °C degrees. For more than 30 minutes, the boy screamed until the cops rushed to his aid, breaking the car window and pulling him out.

Ten minutes later, the child’s 22-year-old mother returned from the festival. “We were looking for another friend. It took longer than expected,” said the young woman. Police officers questioned the woman, accusing her of bodily harm and abuse of a minor. In addition, social services were notified about what happened.


Children at this age can’t defend themselves or get out of a hot car. The boy was lucky that someone saw him and made the emergency call.

Thankfully the officers released the boy from the hot car. We hope that he will recover from the shock as quickly as possible, and that it will never happen again. Share this story, it’s never too much to remember the dangers of leaving a living being inside a hot car!

Source: Newsner


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