A dog cries inconsolably after being abandoned by his family and separated from his brother

When AJ and his brother Toby arrived at the Carson Animal Shelter, both dogs had no idea that their family would leave them forever. Not because they didn’t want them anymore, but because they definitely could not take care of them anymore … They were going through an economic crisis.

Both dogs got a smile on their faces, until something that was out of their plans happened and they didn’t know how to handle it. In addition to the violent separation of their family, they only had each other. Soon they were separated and realized that they were far from their family, from others, from everything they knew, but especially from their “other half.”

His house was replaced by loud barks and a cold kennel surrounded by strangers

“The two dogs were side by side when they arrived, but now they’re confused and alone. They’re losing each other and their home”, said Saving Carson, who started an online campaign to adopt the two dogs.

AJ, who was six years old, was the one who suffered the most, he was so devastated that he did nothing but cry in the kennel.

The shelter shared the video of the heart touching moment, with a message:

“AJ is a 100% pure, sweet and loving beauty, loves other dogs and misses her brother”, wrote Saving Carson. “He needs your help …”

The video touched millions of people on internet in a matter of minutes. A few days later the rescue community took steps to save AJ and his brother from euthanasia.

A new hope

AJ’s tears would soon be replaced by a happy swaying tail as he was withdrawn from the shelter. Rescue teams were present to record the moment of freedom, as they left the shelter.

At the time of his rescue, Saving Carson Shelter Dogs wrote: “This beauty touched the hearts of many people and today was lucky enough to embark on the path of FREEDOM.”

“He was rescued and we hope that tomorrow we will work with the other shelter that is saving his brother Toby, so they can meet. Both have been very depressed since they were separated … Happy life, sweet AJ “.

New home and the meeting

And that’s exactly what happened. AJ was adopted by a new loving family soon after. And better than that, the family also decided to adopt Toby!

A great happy ending for these brothers who love each other thanks to the rescue effort of many, who refused to give up seeing them suffer apart.

AJ and Toby didn’t deserve to continue suffering like this. Now they have the love they should never have taken from them.

Source: Zoorprendente


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