A boy went to adopt a cat and then realized it was his cat that disappeared the year before

Anyone who ever lost pet knows how difficult this experience is. A thousand things pass through the our heads, and the worry about our furry friend increases by the minute, worrying that he might be cold or hungry.

And five-years-old little Ronnie felt all that agony. 

His kitten had been gone for a year and a half, and despite the long search, he and his mother never found him. At that time they decided to adopt a new friend and went to an animal shelter in their town.

And what seemed impossible, happened.

When they got there, Ronnie and his mother burst into tears as they found that the kitten they had lost a year ago was right there. Little Ronnie could not hold his happiness, screaming and crying with joy.

The boy’s mother said that Phoenix (the cat) was found in the street and left in the shelter by a stranger. Veterinarians discovered the identification chip when they examined the cat, but as they searched for the address provided, they discovered that the family had moved homes.

(Don’t forget to always keep the address on your pet’s microchip updated!)

Then the kitten stayed in the shelter waiting for a new home. But he had a much happier ending than he could imagine, returning to his former owners.

“It was wonderful to be able to hug him again. He has become an important part of our life, “said the little boy excitedly.

Source: Hypeness


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