Jurors are skeptical when 81-year-old grandmother announces the song – but her unbelievable voice conquers the golden buzzer

When Evelyn Williams, an 81-year-old grandmother, stepped onto the stage of Irland’s Got Talent, the juri wondered what a woman of her age would be doing there. The Irish widow with curly hair and bright eyes was wearing a microphone and seemed quite at ease. That’s because she spent her entire life presenting to various audiences.

But Evelyn had never been to television, it was her first time! When the beautiful lady opened her mouth and began to sing, everyone was thrilled. She played Stephen Sondheim’s song, Send in the Clowns, and the audience and jurors were stunned. The song had an even more emotional charge because she lost her husband, and seemed to be singing to him, looking up during the performance.

Youtube – Ireland’s Got Talent

The audience loved his performance, as did all the jurors, who gave her a standing ovation. At that moment, Evelyn burst into tears. She was so marvelous that Michelle Visage touched the golden buzzer and confetti rained on the woman, sending her straight to the live semi-finals.

Youtube – Ireland’s Got Talent

One of the jurors said that the song could not have been more appropriate because Send in the Clowns was written to be performed by a person who experienced the ups and downs of life. It was the perfect song for Evelyn to perform. The grandmother was accompanied by her granddaughter, who also sings and encourages the old woman to continue to marvel the world with her voice. Her best friend was also present.

Youtube – Ireland’s Got Talent

They could not believe the response to Evelyn’s incredible performance. This lady is no doubt spectacularly talented. They could see how captivated the audience was with the sweet woman’s audition. Being a widow for seven years, Evelyn knows the lows of life, making this music fit for her. Her daughter is also in Saudi Arabia and she rarely sees her.

Youtube – Ireland’s Got Talent

But with six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren, Evelyn is surrounded by people who love her. Now she has become popular with her spectacular and emotional performance in Ireland’s Got Talent. Watch her audition in the video below and get ready… you won’t be able to hold back the tears!

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