8-year-old Syrian boy stands beside dog run over, in an act of compassion

A war-torn young refugee from Syria is making international headlines for his compassion for a homeless dog in need.

Sweet Huseyin el-Hasan, an eight-year-old, suffered more tragedies and losses in his short time on Earth than most people in life. That didn’t stop the little boy from giving comfort to an injured dog that was dying on the side of the road.

Hasan noticed for the first time the dog lying on the side of the road, clearly hit by a vehicle near his foster home in Kills, Turkey. Although the child could have continued to walk, he went quickly to the side of the animal to help.

Although the boy could not stop the pain of the dog, he took a blanket from his house and placed it on the dog’s trembling body. He then asked the others for help, never leaving the dog’s side all the time.

Although the dog succumbed to the wounds and died, Hasan was honored as a hero. The deputy mayor of the city, Cuma Ozdemir, paid a personal visit to Hasan’s house to pay homage to him. The child was given new blankets to replace what he used in the dog.

Fonte: I Love My Dog


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