Mom could not reach her 8-month-old baby trapped in a fire – so firefighters reveal what they found

Erika Poremski was enjoying a quiet night at home with her lovely little girl, Viviana, when her world took a dark and unexpected turn. Erika went to get something out of her car, and when she returned, the young mother discovered that her house was completely on fire with the baby and her beloved dog, Polo, trapped inside.

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Erika described the horror she felt as she struggled to save them: “I heard the baby crying and I could not get to her.” I tried a lot, everyone in the neighborhood tried.You were kicking the doors and knocking the windows.I could not rescue her … No one could. ”

After several terrible minutes, the firemen arrived on the scene and ran in the flaming house to find little Viviana and Polo …

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When firefighters entered the room, they made a startling discovery. The child was lying underneath Polo’s body, the dog had intelligently placed himself on top of the baby girl to protect her from the flames. Polo’s heroic attitude had saved Viviana’s life. But unfortunately, he lost his own life in the process.

Firefighters extinguished the flames and took Erika’s girl alive.
“She just had burns on her side because of that. Polo stayed with her in the room all the time and would not even get out of the door. He was my first dog and now I lost him.I’m just praying, not to lose also my baby girl, she’s all I have! “It all happened so fast, I just do not understand what happened,” the woman said.

Viviana has been under a medically induced coma since then, while she undergoes tests, but thanks to Polo, she only burned one side of her body that was barely exposed to the flames.

Youtube – WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore

Life has been difficult for Erika and Viviana since they have lost almost everything in their home and the sweet girl is fighting for her life with every passing second.

See below the video of this sad story:

Dogs are known as “Man’s best friend,” and Polo proved to be a great example of this. He gave his life to protect his human sister and the rescue workers are certain she would not have survived if Polo did not sacrifice himself.

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