77-year-old janitor has a secret – when the team discovers the truth, she is confronted in front of the entire school

When we do everything in life with love and commitment, sooner or later we will be rewarded. The 77-year-old janitor named Frances Buzzard has been at Belle Elementary School in West Virginia for a long time. At first, everyone thought she was just another employee. However, she went beyond her regular duties, and began to do things that were not within her competence, such as polishing the furniture. It was not long before the school staff fell in love with the woman’s personality and hard work.

However, Frances kept a sad secret for several decades, without anyone being suspicious. When the director saw her file, he had no choice but to confront Frances with what he had discovered. It was when the old woman realized that, no matter how many years pass, secrets are always unfolded.

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“Ms. Frances,” as the students and staff know her, was confused when she was asked to head to the cafeteria. There was an assembly going on, so she thought maybe the boys needed her to clean something off the floor.

However, when Frances entered the cafeteria, over 200 students shouted: SURPRISE! In fact, the woman turned 77 years day that, something that is worthy of celebration. But the occasion was even more special than we thought – that was the first birthday party she had ever had! Her sad secret was discovered by the director, and he thought it was time to give her the party she deserved!

Youtube – Charleston Gazette-Mail

All the students sang Happy Birthday for her, and Frances was moved. In addition, the woman blew the candles out of a cart full of freshly baked cupcakes and cookies. The school principal offered a birthday ribbon and a bright tiara to the 77-year-old janitor, and she was guided to a chair in the center of the room. All eyes were on her, and finally the woman had her time to shine!

But the gifts were not over yet. The curtains on one side of the room opened to reveal a stage with a large screen. Then, an incredible presentation of this woman’s story began to roll. This presentation featured photos of Frances throughout her life, alternating with scenes of important events she lived in school.

Youtube – Charleston Gazette-Mail

Frances grew up in a poor family and doesn’t remember ever having a proper birthday party. Back then, her family simply didn’t celebrate birthdays or Christmas. “I don’t remember anything, they didn’t do things like that, we didn’t have Christmas parties, they offered us fruit and nuts when they could buy it.” She almost had a party once, but it was unsuccessful: “They made me a party, but it was so cold, no one came.”

Youtube – Charleston Gazette-Mail

Now, thanks to the wonderful director of this school, she has made up for lost time. See the beautiful surprise moment below…

We are happy that this woman had her first birthday party, and we hope she will celebrate many more. All people deserve to shine on their birthday day, whether children, adults or seniors. Share if you agree!

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