70-year-old man wakes up early every day to make food and feed stray dogs

It’s curious and ironic that, in a country like India, famous for the infinite number of verified cases of unfair treatment towards animals, specifically towards stray dogs, there are still examples of kindness that disprove all that bad reputation created by unscrupulous beings.

Anthony’s case is worthy of being told and praised by everyone who, like you and me, is an animal lover, since the man was 63, doesn’t know what it’s to sleep beyond 3:30 in the morning. NAt that time, he wakes up every day just to cook and feed portions of chicken rice to all the puppies that live in his neighborhood, the city of Kerala, India.

Anthony is known to everyone in the neighborhood for his noble work.

The first thing Anthony does, when he opens his eyes every morning, is to jump out of bed, as if pushed by a spring of pure nobility and, he goes to the kitchen to make a few pieces of chicken with spices that he leaves cooking while in another stove, cook the rice to complete the menu.

Half an hour later, at 4 am, the man packs the rations in separate bags that include special dogs biscuits for dessert. Already at 5 am, he is showered, shaved, and dressed, ready for his daily task of delivering love transformed into food to puppies that, little by little, are happily approaching along the road that joins the cities of Vennala and Jaratha.

Anthony has been doing the same task for seven years.

Sometimes even sacrificing his food for the benefit of the stray dogs. He barely has enough food, but he feeds them. It seems that the city of Kerala, home to this incredible human being, is a very good place to have “a dog’s life”.

“Many of these dogs are passing out from hunger. In the past, the discarded food was placed directly on the door for the dogs to eat, but now we put the remains of food in plastic, make a knot and throw it outside. As a result, dogs cannot access it”, said Anthony.

It is always comforting to know that there are people who care about street dogs. Around 8:00 am, Anthony is back home with enormous satisfaction after distributing affection and love. But also fulfill your religious devotion, attending your church without fail.

“India is a truly unique country. Maybe it’s the belief in karma, the idea that this dog could be you and, if you don’t pay attention to your life, it could be you ”. Said Ingrid Newkirk, British American co-founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), who grew up in India.

Antony’s work is commendable: to devote much of your time to preparing food for these dogs without expecting anything in return. It is a true act of courage, solidarity and enormous empathy that is priceless.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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