7-year-old boy receives award for saving more than 1,300 puppies

Roman McConn is a 7-year-old boy who since a very young age started helping abandoned dogs rescued by shelters to find new families that treat them with love and care, as they deserve. Having already got new homes for 1300 puppies.

Thanks to this achievement, he was awarded an ASPCA Award (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

It all started when on his 4th birthday, Roman decided not to ask for gifts for him but instead donated cash to his favorite animal shelter so he could help abandoned animals that needed a new family.

So his mother, Jennifer, decided to start helping him on his journey, eventually moving 31 dogs from a kill shelter in Texas to Washington, where they helped dogs find the best families.

To help the dogs, Roman and his mother record videos of the puppies playing with the dogs in the shelter, showing families that they pose no risk to children or anyone else.

“She (the mother) publishes (the videos) on Facebook so people can see,” explained Roman. “I think it’s important that dogs I know have a better chance of finding the right house they need.”

“If you slow down, listen to your kids and look at them, you can learn a lot. Roman is teaching us every day how to be better,” said Jennifer.

Source: Sábias Palavras


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