7 Reasons Why You Should Always Sleep With Your Dog

Although the friendship between a dog and its owner is unique, some of them don’t want to see their dog with them in specific places. For example, there are humans who don’t allow the dog to go to bed for several reasons.

Some people lose patience when they have to clean the dog’s hair, while for others it’s just a matter of principle.

However, it seems that sleeping with your dog would be beneficial to your health!

In this post, you will see seven reasons why you should give your dog room in your bed.

1. It helps him to have better health

Sleeping with your dog would reduce the chances of suffering from heart disease. That’s at least what US organizations, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health have said. The presence of your dog reduces stress and, at the same time, cholesterol decreases considerably.

2. It helps him to sleep better 

As we mentioned in the first point, breathing reduces stress and, when stress decreases, it also reduces heart rate, which helps to fight insomnia. Also, the warmth released by your dog will give you comfort.

3. Sticking to him will reduce your anxiety.

If you are the anxious type, stick to your dog. Just feeling the animal close to you will calm you down more.

4. Keep warm

Although this argument is not very good during the summer, your dog can keep you warm on cooler evenings.

5. It helps to combat depression 

Se há uma coisa que um cão dá ao seu dono, é amor. Dormir com o seu animal de estimação pode ajudá-lo em momentos mais difíceis, pois ele sempre estará presente para lhe dar aquela dose de amor que lhe eleva o espírito.

6. Makes you feel save

By having your dog close to you when you sleep, at least you know there is someone who cares for you during the time you are most vulnerable during sleep.

7. Think about your dog in all of this

Your dog loves spending time with you, so if you allow him to sleep in your bed, he will be happy. Everyone wins in this situation! You benefit in the points mentioned above, while in his case, he receives the only thing he wants more than anything; spend time with its owner.

Sourcee: VAMOS


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