7 abandoned puppies rescued from desert island after they are heard crying

Junior Cook was exploring the icy waters of Cross Keys, Canada when he spotted a litter of 7 puppies on the shores of Manitoba Beach. Definitely a place you don’t find puppies very often.

Curious about the find, he and his team docked on dry land and rescued the little ones, who were hungry and cold. Junior put them on his boat and took them to the other side of the province, to the shelter of Norway House Animal Rescue.

There, the volunteers welcomed the puppies and thanked the sailor.

According to the NGO, rescues like this are not uncommon in the region, which is inhospitable and little inhabited. They also manifested repudiation to the abandonment of the puppies in an area where they would probably die.

“This is not an isolated case and happens daily in Manitoba [often]”, wrote the shelter.

The organization focuses much of its efforts on rescuing and sheltering animals, especially street dogs in the province.

Days later, Junior returned to the shelter to see how the little ones were doing. Shy, they didn’t want much talk. But they were clearly stronger and fatter after being well fed.

“They are getting better now, which is a good thing because they were terrified when they arrived at the shelter”, said the sailor.

It was a 500 km trip from Manitoba beach to the Norway House shelter. But now, at last, the puppies are safe and sound!

Source: Portal Do Animal


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