The wonderful spiritual mission of dogs in our lives

Dogs have always been known as man’s best friends. But not everyone knows that these four-legged friends also play an important role as protectors of those who take care of them. A kind of special mission. They are, in fact, emotional therapists: if they see us sad, they are always ready to lick our faces and recover our good mood again. Their simple movements generates vibrational waves which harmonize the environment and send signs of love.

Their mission can be individual or collective. In fact, many of them do a specific job and can affect a whole group of people and/or families. For example, their ability is used in group therapies to raise patients diposition, especially with children who are getting through hard moments. Pet Therapy is practiced in many hospitals for this purpose. The simple movement of a dog’s tail can make a stranger smil. This helps to increase your vibrations, a very important factor for the recovery or stability of a patient.


Sometimes the mission of these angels can be very special, especially in cases where the love connection becomes so strong that when the end of the life of their owner arrives, they feel that their mission is finished and allow themselves to die, because they no longer find a meaning for their lifes.

Our four-legged friends are protectors of energy: they will absorb from us and from our spaces the vibrations that are not in equilibrium; then they will purify themselves with the help of water, plants and other natural elements. To help them clean up these energies, we simply have to give them a lot of affection.

Another important aspect is their sensitivity, they are linked to very high vibrations, which allow them to perceive and observe more than we can imagine. They have an impressive auditory sensitivity, not to mention their sense of smell and vision, which allows them to see other dimensions or levels of consciousness wich we hardly perceive.

Dogs are masters of unconditional love. They are faithful, they never forget to greet us or wag their tails when they see us again. In return, these four-legged angels ask only for one thing: love – and some good food and water. What are you waiting for to adopt one?

Fonte:  Olha Que VĂ­deo


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