5 Star hotel donates leftover food to feed shelter dogs

This is a very effective way of not wasting food and giving the needy a chance, in this case some furry ones.

You can help because there is always something we can do to give something to others, even a simple plate of food.

Motivated by the changing relationship and fate of kitchen waste, the area’s community organization, Chef J Gourmet and his team at 5 Star Hotel Fairmont in Abu Dabhi have come up with a plan to give these foods a second way.

Thanks to the collaboration of  Animal Action EAU, Friday’s brunch is now dog food. The idea was a success. The leftovers were cut and packaged in the same kitchen and then taken to the Cloud9 Pet Hotel and Care.

The chef and the promoters of the initiative called for this experience to be shared and to serve as an example for more restaurants in the world to do so.

This idea clearly raises a very viable solution for kitchen waste. We will not miss the opportunity to help and make this world a better place for everyone.

Share with your friends. Thank you.

Source: La Voz Del Despertar


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