Woman loses 455 pounds in 2 years – see how she looks today after the miraculous transformation

It takes a lot of will power and dedication to lose weight. While it’s easy to get rid of a few extra pounds, keeping your weight down is tricky, especially for people who suffered from obesity. That’s why the story of Nikki Webster is really inspiring. The woman lost 455 pounds in 2 years, and remains determined to take care of her health!

When Nikki was 34, she weighed 600 pounds, and was dying slowly. The woman could barely move, and her body was giving up. Fortunately, her addiction to food was no stronger than her will to live.

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“My weight is debilitating, my body is so painful, I hate it, but I tell myself, food is an addiction, and my addiction is killing me,” Nikki said before beginning her major transformation. Only when the woman was invited to appear on a television program on obesity, called My 600 lb Life, did she decide to change her life.

After realizing how dangerous her excess weight was, she agreed to move from Arizona to Texas so she could be closer to her doctor, Dr. Nowzaradan.

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He specializes in weight loss for people with morbid obesity. Initially, Nikki thought that an operation to put a gastric band would be enough to end her health problem. However, doctors said she needed to lose 50 pounds alone before she could undergo surgery.

Without hesitation, the woman started the fight to lose weight – and she succeeded! In less than three months, she was approved for surgery.

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Despite her achievement, Nikki was worried that her food addiction would torment her again. In addition, she was afraid of the risks of the operation, especially after the death of a great friend due to the same procedure. “Earlier this year, my best friend Michael put on a gastric band, and he died.” After weighing the pros and cons, she decided to do the operation.

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Luckily, everything went well and Nikki lost 200 pounds in 12 months! The before and after photos speak for themselves… today this woman is a completely different person! But to get rid of food addiction and obesity once and for all, she needed to do more. The woman contacted a therapist to find out the reason for her eating disorders.

Of course, during the journey, Nikki had some setbacks, which is very normal when people are trying to lose weight or changing their diet.

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After a while, Nikki had already lost a lot of weight and had excess of skin. She wanted to have a plastic surgery to remove it, however, she needed to lose even more weight. When he managed to get rid of 350 pounds, the doctor approved the skin removal surgery. Health professionals removed about 55 pounds of extra skin!

Nikki suffered internal hemorrhage and returned to the hospital, but recovered well and returned home after a few days.

Facebook – Nikki Webster

So far, Nikki has managed to lose 455 pounds, and continues to struggle to maintain her new weight and healthy eating habits. She is very happy for the woman she became: healthy and happy. In addition to a new look and renewed health, she found the love of her life, Marcus, whom she married recently!

Facebook – Nikki Webster

It’s never easy to lose weight and change destructive lifestyle habits, but it is certainly rewarding. Nikki shows that it’s possible to change our lives, even if we go through many obstacles.

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