3 dogs are abandoned in the street after owner’s death

Imagine being so small in a big scary world and being alone with no one to help you! It was so for this little one. The description of YouTube says:

Fred, Ricky, and Ethel couldn’t imagine that their happy days of being spoiled at home would end someday.


They were just puppies and what creature could understand at such a young age that their human father could suddenly die?

Ricky and Ethel

But, unfortunately, that’s what happened to this loving trio, and even though it sounds incredible, its owner died overnight and they were left homeless or blanketed to shelter or help.

The mutt puppies ended unfairly in the solitude of the streets.

It was definitely something they were unprepared for, puppies used to caressing, their owner’s love. But no one noticed this, and they were thrown into the street like garbage.

Of course, what they could know about defending themselves in the streets, or street fights, or how to get food, they knew nothing, only that they missed the owner with all their might.

That is why, without losing hope, they could be seen prowling around the property where they lived with their favorite human being and remained there crying for 18 months until he returned, but unfortunately that would never happen.

Fortunately, though, volunteers from the Hope For Paws rescue group were contacted to do something about it. Their hearts broke when they saw how the spoiled puppies now lived on the streets.

The most affected of all was Fred. When the rescuers arrived, saw that he was not moving from his old home. While Ricky and Ethel, at the time they were trying to find food around a mall.

Saving each puppy was a challenge. “After so long without affection, I didn’t know how they would react to the touch,” said one of the rescuers.

But suddenly the unthinkable began to happen.

From their hostile and savage attitude from the beginning, they began to show the tenderness that always characterized them.

How they missed the caresses of a human they could trust!

Ricky and Ethel were attracted to the food, but it didn’t seem to work. Until finally a sweet caress on the chin was all Ethel needed to melt, it was as if he said “how much I missed you!”.

Once captured with the necklaces, they were taken to the shelter, where they felt the comfort of a sofa for the first time in over a year.

It’s really touching to see your soft fur fade, falling into the slightest expression of affection!

Here you can see the magnificent rescue of these three beauties that only give love:

When the three met at the safety of the shelter, you could see even tears of happiness on their faces.

The good news is that they are now in foster homes and hopefully soon they will have a forever home, hopefully all three together.

Share this beautiful rescue that reveals that every dog is made for love, I hope everyone can have the same fate as Fred, Ricky and Ethel.

Source: Zoorprendente


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