Simon Cowell pays $240,000 surgery so a girl can change her life

From very early on, Julia Carlile dreamed of being a professional dancer. Unfortunately, she was born with scoliosis and her spine was bending over and over as she aged. The girl’s condition was getting so bad that her spine was crushing her lungs, and the back pain was extreme. Only a surgery of $240,000 could improve her illness.

Despite all this, she continued to follow her passion, and worked hard to continue dancing and fighting for pain. Julia and her friends dance since they were 5 years old, and they formed the Mersey Girls dance team. Then, they decided to compete in Brittain’s Got Talent.

Although Julia desperately needed surgery to correct her spine, she didn’t have the money to pay for the expensive procedure. So, if she and her friends didn’t win the first prize on the show, she wouldn’t be able to do the surgery.

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The show shared Julia’s story before she danced on stage. Viewers were shocked to know the costs of the surgery that would change their life. After she and her friends showed their impressive dance moves in the audition, they passed and impressed the judges.

In the end, they finished in 4th place and didn’t get the money. But Simon Cowell had an emotional surprise reserved for Julia – he offered to pay for the surgery!

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Simon fulfilled his offer, and took Julia to the US for the surgery. Now, she is already recovering and eager to go back to dancing more often. “I always wanted the surgery, but I could never pay. I owe Simon a lot because, if he had not paid for me, my curvature would have continued to increase, leaving me unable to dance and in pain. It was my only choice.”

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For now, Julia thanks for being able to continue dancing with friends and following dreams without pain. “The surgeons said they didn’t understand how I was dancing with this curvature,” she said. “But, thanks to the operation, my flexibility should be similar to people without scoliosis.”

The Sun

“When I told him that he changed my life, he said, ‘No, you’ve changed my life!,'” she said. “He gave me a big hug, and when I told him I could dance again, he said, ‘I’m so proud of you.'”

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