After hearing moans for 11 days, they removed a puppy from a 230 feet well

The fire department in the Beykoz district of Istanbul received a desperate call from two neighbors in the Dereseki district. In the wee hours of the morning they heard a cry of anguish coming from a well and something moving restlessly from side to side.

When the team arrived, they realized or how difficult their task would be: the pit was about 230 feet deep!

Facebook – T.C. Kahire Büyükelçiliği / Turkish Embassy in Cairo

After inspecting the place, they realized what was struggling to survive… It was a puppy of about 4 months! The team started working immediately because they suspected that the animal had been there for some time and consequently didn’t have much time to live.

In the first place, water and food were given to him through a rope, because the first attempts to pull the animal were unsuccessful. The whole team began to lose hope but a light appeared at the end of the tunnel…

Thanks to the diffusion of social communication, the Bahçeşehir secondary school of science and technology proposed a different method to remove or animal: a robotic brachial designed by them. And after 11 days of suffering the puppy was released from his prison!

Operation with the bionic arm took about 3 hours.


Their saviors called the puppy “Kuyu”, which in Turkish means well. They then took the animal to the vet to assess their health status. Despite everything that happened, the puppy was in perfect condition. That’s good news!

Facebook – T.C. Kahire Büyükelçiliği / Turkish Embassy in Cairo

However, the best of this story was still to come… The fire department decided to adopt Kuyu! Fortunately, the puppy was destined a life accompanied by his wonderful first responders.

Facebook – Justice for Eva / Breezy Pup

It’s wonderful when people come together for good purpose, like saving an animal like Kuyu. Fortunately, this story started badly but ended with a happy ending!

Facebook – BEYKOZ

Hopefully he will be happy with his heroes!

Facebook – BEYKOZ

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