20-year-old puppy loves to snuggle on her stuffed banana

Tessa has always been fiercely protective of those she loves, and at 20, that has not changed.

The terrier mix is dedicated to the mother, but nothing can compete with the toy banana. It may only be upholstered fabric and yellow, but for Tessa it’s special – and she makes sure everyone else recognizes that it’s special too.

Shanna Loren, Tessa’s mother, bought the banana five years ago after an adopted/temporary dog destroyed Tessa’s favorite toy. “I found it in a pet store dumpster, but I knew it was the size of toys she likes”, said Loren. “She immediately picked up the banana the moment I gave it to her”.

Now, every time someone visits the house, Tessa proudly displays her banana, insisting that the guests pay tribute to her precious toy.

“She wants people to recognize that before she goes down”, said Loren. “And when she does, she puts it on whatever bed she thinks is best”.

The puppy is insistent when it comes to the banana — and won’t let old age or hearing loss get in the way of her mission. “We instruct guests to tell her that they saw her banana so she can go lay back down”, Loren said. “It’s funny now that she’s deaf to have our friends yelling at her, ‘I LIKE YOUR BANANA, TESSA!’” 

For Tessa, you’re never too old to fall asleep hugging your favorite toy.

“She never allowed it to be a toy”, said Loren. “It’s her little possession and it’s her life”.

Source: The Dodo


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