20 people who took the phrase “I do everything for my animal” to another level

Our pets are considered part of our families from the moment we first see them – whether adopted or newborn at home – they are always around us, sharing countless moments of joy and sadness with us.

In fact, according to a survey conducted in the United States and Canada, 44% of the millennial generation (people born in the 1990s) see their pets as their “first born children” before they have real children. No wonder we are ready to do anything to make our little family members happy and safe.

We gathered 20 people who did everything for their pets. Check out!

#1 “I think he liked the gift.”

#2 Like father, like son

#3 This bunny was born without ears, so her owner made a pair of crochet ears for her

#4 “My older dog has trouble climbing stairs, so I made life a little easier for him.”

#5 Happy Birthday, princess!

#6 “There’s a storm out there, but the good news is that my headphones fit Bella perfectly.”

#7 “We’ve come up with an ingenious solution for cats to leave the house without running away.”

#8 “My brother built a separate room for his dog.”

#9 Comfort is for everyone.

#10 “I managed to please and warm my puppy at night. Look how cute, even want to cry! ”

#11 “I gave Kiwi a girlfriend. They are such a cute couple! “

12 “My aunt said she didn’t want the dog’s eyeballs to get dry when he was in the back of the truck…”

#13 Special Dog Boots

#14 Safety first!

#15 “I have a thermal mat for my cat and it looks like it has reached Zen.”

#16 “My sister rescued this girl and gave her new ears.”

#17 Special Blanket for a Special Puppy

#18 “My girlfriend and I split up two years ago, but we still send happy birthday letters every year to our beloved dogs.”

#19 “The only way to relieve this dog’s stress is to let him walk around with this kid’s backpack.”

#20 “My sister adopted her first dog and her before and after pictures make me cry.”

Source: Portal do Animal


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