They found a 2-year-old child who was missing but was always protected by her dog

A pet at home is undoubtedly a source of joy, especially for children. They become the most loyal friends, playmates, adventurers and often it’s them who take care of the babies of our family, defending them of possible dangers!

Today we’re going to meet an episode of infinite capacity for love and loyalty that a pet had for a child, in Spain.

A two-year-old girl walked by night with her dog and her father in a town in the El Barco region, when they suddenly lost sight of the child.

Exhausting all efforts to find her, the father had to report the disappearance to the Civil Guard, who immediately activated a search device to locate the child.

The disappearance was known at 19:20 on Monday and after seven long and agonizing hours of searching by security forces and numerous neighbors, the happy discovery happened…

Fortunately, at two o’clock in the morning, she was found on the mountains, but she wasn’t alone. They found her asleep, curled up and protected by her dog. A scene that filled the distressed father with tranquility.

The Mountain Rescue and Intervention Group and members of the Nature Protection Service listened to the grunts of the dog, which allowed the agents to follow in their tracks!

The girl’s condition, with the exception of a few scratches on her body, was relatively “good”. Despite everything, the investigations were opened to clarify what happened…

What most fills us with joy is that if it wasn’t for this pet, no one would know where the girl would be… A true four legged hero!

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Source: Zoorprendente


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