2-year-old baby begins to vomit blood, turns blue and dies in the hospital: now, doctors are alerting everyone

Stephanie and Brian Florer’s daughter, Brianna, left this world for something completely preventable. It’s normal for curious children to put things in their mouths. Often, this is completely harmless and is just another way for them to explore the world. However, what this 2-year-old baby put into her mouth was deadly.

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Brianna lost her life after finding a small battery and putting it in her mouth during Christmas celebrations with her family. The battery was similar to the one below:

Symptoms days after battery ingestion

No one knows exactly when she ate the battery, although it was at most six days before her death. At first, the 2-year-old showed signs of low fever. Then, two days after Christmas, she had a blue face. She began to vomit blood and was hurriedly taken by ambulance to the hospital.

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The battery she’d swallowed began to leak acid that burned Brianna’s esophagus and her carotid artery. The doctors did everything they could, but it was too late. The family had to spend the New Year’s weekend planning a funeral. Now, Christmas is a reminder to the family about the tragic fate of their beloved daughter.

Grandfather Kent Vice explained, with tears in his eyes, that she was “an angel,” and that he had taken care of her many times while her parents worked. According to the National Capitol Poison Center, between the years 2005 to 2014, 11.940 small children swallowed batteries. 15 of these children died, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail.

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If you have batteries in a remote control or similar, always cover the battery so your children can’t reach it. Please help us by sharing this notice so that more people understand the danger of storing batteries where children can access them.

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