19-year-old shelter dog finally gets a forever home

A 19-year-old dog named Ace was surrendered to the Sonoma shelter near the end of his life. And it was around that time that the California wildfires broke out.

So he ended up at the SPCA over 150 miles away with little hope. But foster mom Bonnie noticed how full of life he acted and knew she had to at least get him out of the shelter.

So she offered to take the senior dog into her home until a forever home could be found. And over the first few days, Ace would become more and more comfortable and start to break out of his shell.

He then bonded with the other foster dogs in the house!

Later on, the adoption applications started rolling in for Ace. Bonnie was feeling a bit sad knowing how much she’d miss him when he’s gone.

But because of this, Ace “failed” as a foster pet! Bonnie decided to adopt him for good, and he couldn’t have ended up in a better situation for the rest of his days.

19-Year-Old Dog Gets Adopted

19-year-old dog finds his forever home ❤️️

Posted by The Dodo on Monday, January 4, 2021

Source: I Love My Dog


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