19 People who were against having a pet, and now they can’t live without them

Many people do not even want to think about having a pet. Not because of the extra cares they pose, but because they simply can not stand cats or dogs. But once they let a furry friend into their home, they often fall in love with them.

We know that everyone loves animals and those who don’t it’s because they haven’t had a pet before. In this article, you will see the reaction of a person who spent 4 years asking to have a dog.

1.”I will never let a dog get into my car and even less to my bed – my dad used to say. It’s the one in the photo.”

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2. “My 79-year-old father said: ‘I don’t want any damn cats!’ Now, every night, he takes the cat to sleep in his bed”.

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3. “‘This damn dog will not stay in my house!’ Said, my mother”.

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4. “I found a lost dog and left him with my parents while searching for its owner. An hour later, my mother sent me this picture”.

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5. “My mother went to find a new filter for the aquarium and returned with this miracle”.

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6. “My father never wanted to have a cat. Today he asked me to close the bathroom because he could not get up”.

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7. “Dad always told me how much he hated my cat. I went to visit him during the holidays and I found them like that “

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8. “This is my father, who did not want to have a dog for anything in the world”

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9. “My stepfather swore that we would never have a dog. And yesterday he took this beauty home after the dog followed him all the way”.

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10. “My dad, who hates cats and swore he would never have one at home, can not get away from our pet”

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11. “My dad did not like dogs at all. That’s how he and my pet travel to the beach “

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12. “My dad hated cats, and now they are watching television together”

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13. “‘We will never have a dog’, said my mother during the last 20 years”

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14. “My dad does not admit it, but I think he likes the kittens that live in my sister’s house”

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15. “This is Fletcher! I never thought about having a cat, but now I do not know what I would do if he suddenly disappeared. “

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16. “When I was a puppy, my mother did not even want to touch him. And now she cooks sweat potatoes for him every day “

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17. “This is my grandmother, who never liked cats”

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18. “My dad hated cats and got very angry when I brought one home. Only 3 years after that, he shows him videos while he sits on his lap. And they sleep together! “

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19. “My dad does not like cats, but now he says that my sister’s cat is his property”

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Bono: “Dad spent four years convincing my mother to let him have a dog. Today, she finally accepted”.

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Have situations similar to those in this article happened to you and your loved ones? Did any pet change your life completely? Tell us in the comments section!

Source: queen_Maz / reddit


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