17-year-old mother with 4 children gets pregnant again with triplets

Sometimes life is unpredictable and different from what we imagined. Pamela Villarruel, a 17-year-old mother, has brought 7 lives to the world. The girl lives in Leones, Argentina, and became pregnant for the first time when she was 13. The father was a much older man, who didn’t want to take care of the child… how would such a young girl raise a baby by herself?

Hola Hola

Despite all the fears, at age 14 she gave birth to a child. The surprise for her parents was tremendous. They didn’t expect their daughter to get pregnant in her teens. The news was a shock, but the grandparents eventually accepted and helped the young woman raise her child.

Hola Hola

One might think the traumatic experience would be a lesson to Pamela, but it was not quite like that. Only a year later, the girl maintained relations with another man, and became pregnant again. But the surprises had just begun… When Pamela went to the doctor, to do a routine examination during the second pregnancy, the doctors said she was pregnant with triplets!

Hola Hola

Again, the father didn’t want to raise the children, and Pamela and her parents were alone again to look after the four kids. After the birth of the triplets, Pamela met a boy and began a relationship. And, incredible as it may seem, she got pregnant again witg triplets!

As it happened before, the father ran away and didn’t accept the children. Four years after her first pregnancy, Pamela has seven children from three different dads, and none of them wanted to raise the babies. The family doesn’t have enough resources to support so many children, and the daily life is a struggle. The seven children are raised in very precarious conditions with no paternal figure.

Hola Hola
Desperate request

Now, Pamela and her parents, aware of the critical situation and so that this doesn’t happen again, are asking for help to sterilize the young woman. They want her to have an operation that prevents her from getting pregnant again. In normal situations, a 17-year-old girl wouldn’t have to undergo this type of surgery…

But, what do you think of this particular case? Should she undergo the operation? Unfortunately, sex education in that country is not very well developed, and there are many cases like Pamela’s…

Hola Hola

And last but not least, what do you think of the men who made her pregnant and ran from responsibilities? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

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