12 puppies are adopted – 10 months later they all meet their mother again

A dog, named Bess, was found on the streets of Tennessee with 12 cubs in her belly. Tracey and Jon Stewart saw the beautiful girl and could not leave her behind. Bess was taken to the vet and went into labor.


Jon and Tracey were told that due to the high number of puppies, not all of them would survive, including the littlest, named Burrdie. However, the couple did not want to give up. The pair decided to take Bess and all 12 puppies home. They emptied the living room, aiming to set up a day care center for the dogs. In addition, they recruited friends and family to care for the pups 24 hours a day.


Once the puppies began to walk and play, life at Stewart’s house was crazy. The family even thought about keeping all the puppies, but they knew this would not work. Then the cubs and Bess were eventually placed in the homes of all their friends and family.

As the pups’ birthday was approaching, their humans decided to hold a big party for everyone, including their mother. Did Bess remember her puppies? Of course yes!

Puppies find their mother again

Check out the emotional reunion in the video below:

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Source: Faith Tap


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