116-year-old Italian reveals the food she attributes to her long, healthy life

It’s always fascinating to try to find out why certain people live so long. As humans we are naturally curious, and we want to find out what food or activity can be the answer to a long and healthy life. This 116-year-old Italian told what she ate to have been healthy for so long. No one was waiting for this answer, but we all loved it!

The oldest person in the world lived 122 years: a French lady named Jeanne Calment, who died in 1997. But, more recently, an Italian lady named Giuseppina Projetto has reached the impressive 116 years.

Unfortunately, she lost her life last month, but has not left without revealing her secret to living so long – and the answer will surprise you. Having this age is an incredible achievement, and only a few can achieve that goal.

Giussepina was known as the ‘nonna of Italy’, and lived in a village near the beautiful city of Florence. She had a child, but unfortunately he died at the age of 39, victim of drowning.

Secret of longevity

The long life of Giuseppina Projetto, 116, can be attributed to a super food. The cheerful Italian became the oldest person in Europe in December 2017. After her grandson told her the novelty, she said: ‘Really? And exactly how old I am? So many?’

At that time, she revealed that she could not live a day without chocolate, and she attributed to this superfood, along with a positive attitude, her long and healthy life. Although chocolate is high in fat and calories, candy can really be beneficial. Studies have shown that the levels of antioxidants in dark chocolate are higher than in juices like acai berries and blueberries.

A 2015 study found that a small amount of bitter chocolate consumed every day reduces the blood pressure of type 2 diabetics, and decreases fasting blood sugar. The flavonoids found in cocoa increase blood flow to the brain, which is beneficial for those at risk for stroke or dementia, and may even help prevent cancer.

Learn more about the benefits of chocolate below:

If any of us needed an excuse to eat chocolate, Giussepina’s recipe for a long life is a perfect one! Share this story with all the chocolate lovers you know.

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