1-year-old twins end up in hospital after abuse – 1 year later, the nurse who treated them does something unbelievable

Some parents don’t deserve their children. Nurse Jess Hamm was working at Wolfson Children’s Hospital just a year ago when she witnessed something terrible. A 1-year-old girl named Delilah was admitted to the hospital for “non-accidental injury.” The girl entered intensive care because she had been subjected to a terrible abuse, but she didn’t come alone: they were two 1-year-old twins who were admitted to the hospital, both very ill-treated.

Delilah was extremely malnourished, suffering from multiple broken bones and a fractured skull. She was 14 months old, but she was so weak she could barely sit alone or hold a bottle. No one knew the whereabouts of their biological parents, nor what had happened to them.

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Hamm was absolutely devastated when Delilah was admitted to the hospital. “My heart was broken,” she said. “She was so lifeless, but she still held my finger.” Instantly, the nurse felt a great bond with the child, and she knew she had to protect her and take her home.

As she began the adoption process, the nurse discovered something unexpected. Delilah had a twin sister, Caroline, who was also at Wolfson Children’s Hospital, covered in wounds and fractures. Hamm didn’t hesitate and decided to adopt both girls. “They’ve gone through so much,” said the woman. Now the girls spend their days laughing and playing with their mother, and they are being loved as they deserve.

“If you knew them when I met them, you would be amazed,” he told Hamm about the happy transformation of the babies.

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Hamm had always wanted to be a mother, but he hadn’t thought about adoption. Now she can’t imagine her life without her beautiful girls. The nurse says they have very different personalities. Delilah delights all the people she meets and finds endless ways to stay entertained. Caroline is very protective of her sister, and a social butterfly that loves to help others.

Now the mother hopes to inspire others to consider opening their hearts to those who need it most. “I hope that when people hear my story, they think about the possibilities,” Hamm said.

No doubt a happy ending that deserves to be shared and spread!

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