1-year-old baby is found alone, unclothed and covered with mud in the forest

Some parents are careless and shouldn’t have the right to care for their children. In more extreme cases, these parents may even endanger the lives of their children. This 1-year-old baby was found in the Oregon Forest after his father left him alone for 6 hours.

It was the police that found little Bradley Thomas, naked and covered in dirt last Thursday. Authorities began the search with the help of drones, helicopters and a battalion of police on horseback.

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1-year-old baby alone for 6 hours

Brandon M Blouin, Bradley’s father, was arrested and faces multiple charges for neglecting and putting his son in danger. The 25-year-old man from Ohio state told authorities he left his son alone to find his mother. However, police believe he was under the influence of drugs when he left his son in the forest.

Daily Mail

Authorities said someone called them about 6:15 am on Thursday, when the accused broke out of the forest and invaded a foreigner’s property. Witnesses said it was the accused himself who called to report the disappearance of his son.

It all started when Brandon Blouin was in the woods in the vehicle with his son and the boy’s mother, an 18-year-old woman. She left and did not return immediately, so the companion decided to go looking for her along with her son, and ended up leaving the boy in the forest alone.

Daily Mail

Fortunately, despite everything that happened, the boy is well and not injured, but everything could have been worse. We hope the baby can recover from the trauma, and that the parents have the punishment they deserve. Share if you think the same way!

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